A Past History Doesn’t Have to Keep You From a Great Car

Cars are more valuable than you may realize. Even if a person lives four minutes from work, has a twenty-minute commute or takes ten minutes to get to the grocery store, they’re relying on a machine that’s important for daily living. A machine that takes them past the bus stops, erases a possible expense on a taxi ride, and eliminates the uncertainty of arrival times. A machine that takes away the hassle of laborious tasks such as grocery carrying or long, cramped bus rides after a stressful day at work. 

Personal vehicles have become invaluable to most people’s lives, but when some people make mistakes regarding their credit, it can be extremely difficult to secure financing for a new car. The worry and stress of having a vehicle for daily needs can be crippling in its own right. Here are a few ways to get a car for yourself in spite of past history.

Independent Finance Companies Can Save You Time and Effort

Businesses such as Consumer Portfolio Services work as independent specialty finance companies that provide indirect automobile financing to individuals with past credit problems, low incomes or limited credit histories. Companies such as these know that not everyone has years of credit history built up, has pristine credit levels or possesses large incomes to spend on cars and insurance. They take retail installment sales contracts, primarily from franchised automobile dealerships that are secured by late model used vehicles and, less commonly, new vehicles.

Find Funding When No One Else Extends Their Offers

By purchasing retail installment contracts, these companies are able to fund the purchases on a long-term basis through securitization markets and services the contracts they offer over their lives. With service branches in 48 states and publicly traded stock on the NASDAQ national market system, they can offer their services across the country to anyone needing an extra hand in securing financing for their vehicles. Experienced professionals combined with transparent and customized purchasing plans mean getting yourself reasonable financing has never been easier or safer.

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Everyone deserves a chance to get a car for themselves, regardless of their past history. Independent finance companies understand that and will get you the help you need while treating you with the respect you deserve.